Charleston Fast Pitch Competition: Proposal and Nomination Form
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Project Name and Description: *
What exactly is your project or venture and what makes innovative—that is, how is it better or different from what was either being done in the past or is currently being done by other providers or organizations?
Current Status: *
Please describe the current status of your project or venture. Is it new and yet to be implemented, or has it been underway for a short time and in need of additional support? If you are describing a brand new venture, when would implementation occur?
Value Proposition: *
What is the problem and/or and pain points you are addressing and what makes what you are providing truly unique?
Target Audience and Opportunity: *
Please describe who this new initiative is intended to serve and what is the size of your target audience for this initiative?
Competitive Advantage:
Who is your competition for this type of service and what makes your offering better than other alternatives?
Organizational Support:
How many people (full time and/or part time) are currently working on this project? What roles and responsibilities?
Scaling Innovation:
Do you plan to scale your innovation? What are the key factors impacting future growth? What evidence, if any, do you have so far that indicates your innovation is scalable?
Anticipated Results:
What measure(s) will you use to track results and determine whether your innovation is having an impact?
Award Use and Benefit:
How will the seed money you might receive give you a boost and how would you use it? Have you received other funding for your new initiative?
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