2018 Maryland Homeschool Survey
The administrators of the Maryland Homeschoolers Facebook group, along with www.mdhsa.com, have put together this survey to help gauge interest in forming a more cohesive statewide homeschool advocacy group.

Completion of this survey is voluntary. Individual responses from this survey will NOT be shared with local homeschool liaisons or with the Maryland State Department of Education. Responses will be tabulated and general results will be shared with the homeschool community.

Questions? Email mdhsa.info@gmail.com.

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Opinion Poll
Tell us about the homeschool issues most important to you. As you answer, keep in mind that advocating for certain issues may come at a cost of additional regulatory oversight. Answering these questions only seeks to gauge the general opinion of Maryland homeschoolers.
Sports participation on public school teams
Not very important
Extremely important
After school club participation in public schools
Not very important
Extremely important
Part-time enrollment in public school classes
Not very important
Extremely important
Accessing MSDE-approved online courses at a discounted or free fee.
Not very important
Extremely important
Accessing special education services.
Not very important
Extremely important
Volunteer Option #1
How are you available to volunteer to help build up a statewide homeschool advocacy group?
Issues I can help with: *
Volunteer Option #2
Would you be willing to write - or collaborate with others to write - an informational article on any of the following homeschool topics? All articles would be hosted and made freely available on www.mdhsa.com, with full writing credit given to each contributor.

While these topics are very broad, the goal is to help families understand specific challenges they may face and identify Maryland-specific resources and/or free or low-cost online resources that they can access and use.

Do you have an article idea not listed below? Add it in the "Other" space.

Topics you can help write about *
Is there anything else you would like to let us know about homeschooling in Maryland?
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