Caregivers Dinner after FamilyFest
We will have a lovely dinner for caregivers following our FamilyFest. It is pre-registration only and the individuals with autism and their siblings will all be fed and entertained in a separate space. We look forward to supporting them to provide an uninterrupted and positive dinner time for caregivers.

Please provide your information to start your registration. We will contact you to determine paying for the spot and ensure your reservation is completed by September 14th.

Event Timing: September 21st 4pm- 5pm

Event Address: Noah's Event Center 10020 Pendleton Way, Cranberry, PA 16066

Contact us at 724-473-0990
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I understand that I will have to pay $10 per adult and $5 per individual to Parents in Toto to reserve my seats and meals. I would prefer to pay by: *
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