UCSB GSA Committee Representative Application Form
This form is how a UCSB GSA member / grad student applies to serve on a UCSB Committee as a UCSB GSA Committee Representative ("GSA Rep").
All fields are required, please.
If you want to serve on more than one committee, please completely fill a separate Application for EACH committee.

The GSA Rep Application -> Nomination -> Appointment Process is outlined below.
0. A GSA member identifies un-filled Committee(s) to apply to
1. Applicant Submits Application
2. Within 5 UC Business Days: VPCE Nominates Applicant(s) to Executive Committee
3. Within 10 UC Business Days: Executive Committee holds Appointment Vote on Nominee(s)
4. Within 15 UC Business Days: GSA Rep Status Confirmed
5. Within 20 UC Business Days: VPCE Notifies GSA Rep
6. The GSA Rep must contact the Committee Point of Contact, and
7. At the end of each Quarter, the GSA Rep must completely fill a GSA Rep Report Form.

If you have questions, please contact the UCSB GSA VPCE at:

Please review the GSA Rep Stipulations for service at:

Please spell your full FIRST and LAST name.
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Please type in your UCSB Student Perm Number.
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Please type in your PREFERRED Email address that you want to use for all official UCSB GSA Committee Representative labor.
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Please spell the Committte NAME and ACRONYM (not just one or the other) for which you want to be a GSA Rep.
Example: "Academic Senate Graduate Council Committee on Program Review (GCCPR)"
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Please provide the committee staff Point of Contact NAME, TITLE, and EMAIL address.
This information can be found in the ComPlan Committees file, located here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vEg2psE5kmAOa7s0ClKeyANnrW4GHQ7ZZH2ayNk2GeU/edit?usp=sharing
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Please select your Student Status.
Please select your USA Residence Status.
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Please include a written statement of not more than 250 words that states why you are interested in serving on a particular committee, and what goals you have while serving as a GSA-appointed Committee Representative. You are encouraged, but not required, to include a statement about any diverse perspectives that you may contribute to the committee. You should clearly state your skills, training, or expertise that you will bring to the committee. The Written Statement must be 250 words or less.
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Please confirm that you understand the following duties (further detailed in the Bylaws of the UCSB GSA, and available through VPCE) of being a GSA Rep, which include: maintaining clear communication with a committee staff point of contact, submitting a Committee Report each quarter, presenting relevant issues to VPCE and/or the GSA Assembly, and taking notes on labor served, issues, and accomplishments at each committee meeting.
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