How we organise ourselves questionaire
Answer the questions using your knowledge of all what we have learnt about!
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1. Do you live in the city or the country?
1 point
2.How would you describe where you live?
1 point
3.What transport can you use where you live?
4. How would you describe a job?
5. Select the correct definition: Workers obtain natural materials from the land and sea. e.g farming or fishing
6. Select the correct definition: Workers provide a service eg. Doctors and teachers
7. Select the correct definition: Workers transform natural materials into products e.g factory workers
8. What sector does a farmer work in?
9. What sector does a teacher work in?
10. What sector does a factory worker work in?
11. What is from field to home?
12. Can you describe how Ketchup starts from a field to your home?
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