Save Civicorps Academy -- No Outsourcing, No Union Busting!

For over 35 years, Civicorps has provided essential opportunities to some of Oakland’s most historically disenfranchised students through a three part program: the Academy, Job Training, and our Recycling program. Each part of the program is vital for the success of our Corpsmembers (students).

Civicorps is suddenly trying to outsource the Academy, supposedly for financial reasons, despite receiving over $1 million in Corona virus relief from the federal government. The Academy is a vital part of our program, but management doesn’t seem to be considering any alternatives to cutting direct services.

Now more than ever, Corpsmembers need stability and support. Unfortunately, Civicorps management is using the pandemic as an opportunity to outsource the Academy and bust the union for teachers, counselors, job training supervisors, and other staff after over a year of negotiations for our first contract.

Sign below to tell the Civicorps Board and management -- no outsourcing of the Academy! No union busting! Settle a fair union contract now!

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