Tontachi Feedback!
You saw we got, now show us what you got! least what you think..of the game that is.
Did you give your Tontachi a nickname? *
Did you manage to bring your Tontachi into AR? *
Easy peasy lemon squeezy
When Petting, did you get closer? *
How "attached" did you feel to your Tontachi after seeing, feeding, and playing around with it? *
Better Bacon.
We were made for eachother <3
Did you get up close and personal with your Tontachi? (meaning did you approach closer with the camera) *
How likely are you to share Tontachi w/others? *
Not at all.
Did you use the Camera feature? *
How likely are you to share the Picture taken via the Imgur link, or Share on Twitter/Discord *
How many times should the App send Notifications about your Tontachi *
If it dies, it dies.
I want frequent updates!
What do you like about Tontachi?
What don't you like about Tontachi?
Which name do you like more (feel free to suggest) *
Anything Odd, or General Comments??
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