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Updated---- 6/4/19 We are accepting book submissions for our waitlist. If you’ve submitted your book but have not heard from us yet please be patient. You are already on our list and do not need to resubmit at this time.
Wait list authors: As we have open dates we will make contact about scheduling an event for you. If you have any questions please message our page:

Our waitlist is quite long. We may not be able to message until 30 or so before we are ready to schedule and event with you. Here is my FB link if you would like to message me to get an update on your book submission.


Welcome to Double Trouble Book Club. We are accepting submissions in all genres.
Our mission is to have fun while supporting indie authors.
Please excuse the long introduction. Our club is a bit unique and we want to be sure we explain it fully.

Our basic membership rules:
1) --- Members are required to purchase the books, no arcs. KU may be used.
2) --- Members only sign up for the books they want to read. They are required to leave reviews, for our blog, for each book or they will not be invited to the Author Q&A event where you are the star. Although we cannot make it mandatory, most readers as well as the admins have taken it upon themselves to review on other review sites.

Please note: Double Trouble Book Club and it's admins are very conscious of other book review sites and its policies. In an effort to comply with the rules, as we understand them, you will NOT be asked for any details relating to your review profiles or reviews which you may post outside of this club. Anything you choose to post on any other review sites is not related to Double Trouble Book Club or required to maintain ongoing membership.

What's the incentive for the members? What is an Author Q&A?

After a 2 week reading period, we set up a private event where the readers can interact with you similar to a regular takeover.
The Q&A is an exclusive members only private event for readers who have purchased, read and reviewed your book. These members will ask you questions relating to that book and about you as the author. You may answer and interact via commenting, posting or even live feed. Your choice. Please remember you must attend and be available to answer your questions. You, not your PA.

***side note: Gloria and/or Donna will make every effort to read your book but there may be times we are not available to do so. We will still be attending the Q&A in a moderator/admin capacity in these situations.

During your Q&A event, it would be great to share a sneak peek or inside information to make this interaction special and unique to the club event. We've had authors share WIP, Covers, even some pictures. It's not required of course but the members love it!

What you I need to do?
Not much really. Gloria and I do most of the work for you. We make a post and graphics for you to share, sign up the authors, collect the data, run the Q&A and make some review teasers for you to use after the event.
We ask that you help share our club, your event as well as the other book events when you can.
Oh and attend the Q&A.
Giveaways are not required but are allowed during your event.
During your Q&A, we stay on PM with you to coordinate anything you may want to share outside of answer the reader questions.

Some of our book club veteran authors have offered their guidance and will answer questions about their experience. We have a closed group for communicating with us and those authors. Once we receive your book submission and schedule your event we will send you the link and invitation to join.

EDITED 5/9/2019
We have made an important change in the club rules which may affect your decision to an event with us.
On the original sign up and book submission forms, we set a 5 reader minimum before hosting the Q&A. We reluctantly cancelled a few events when this minimum was not reached. However, we’ve realized this was not fair to the reader(s) who purchased, read and reviewed the book club books.

Moving forward, we have removed the minimum reader requirement. No more cancelled Q&A's. We need to verify you are still interested having an event with us, knowing you may have 1 reader or 50 at your Q&A.

We always try for a large sign up but the smaller numbers have been intimate and some of the best Q&A's to date.

If you think this is something you would like to be a part of please complete this form and we will contact you with more information.

If you have any questions please contact us

*We do not charge readers or authors for our club. Gloria and I do this because we love it.

**Double Trouble uses Amazon Affiliate links under the umbrella of The Redheads Book Blog for some of the buy links as a way to recoup some of the cost associated with running this group.

The Redheads Book Blog and all of the Redheads Facebook related blogs and groups participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The affiliate program does not cost the buyer or seller any additional fees.

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