AHS Counselor Needs Assessment Survey
This survey was designed for Parents and Community members to give feedback to AHS Counselors.
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My child is currently in the... *
My child could benefit from small group activities on the following topics...Please check all that apply. *
It is important to me that the counselor be involved in parent-teacher conferences. *Mark only one answer. *
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As a parent or community member, I feel comfortable talking with the School Counselor about my concerns and suggestions. *
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In what ways do you receive information about upcoming meetings/programs/activities happening at AHS? *Check all that apply. *
How many times a month do you access the PARENT PORTAL to check your child's grades/class information? *
How often do your child's teachers communicate with you about what is happening in the classroom and his/her progress? *
What times would be most convenient for YOU to attend parent activities/meetings? *
Were the following Parent Meetings useful to you as a parent? *
Very Helpful/Informative
Somewhat helpful/Informative
Not helpful/Informative
Did not participate
Laying the Foundations Information Meeting
Open House/Orientation
What suggestions could you offer to make the Counseling/Guidance program at AHS better? *
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