Mergers and Acquisitions Week: M&A Strategy and Modelling
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PROGRAM: Mergers and Acquisitions Week: M&A Strategy and Modelling
DATE : 18-22 January 2021 (Monday-Friday)
TIME: UTC/GMT +8 hours , 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Mergers and acquisitions demand the right skills and strategy – with only one chance to get it right. Based on a recent Harvard Business School article, 70% to 90% of mergers and acquisitions fall short of meeting their financial expectations. This comprehensive executive program is designed to help financial leaders make their M&A strategies and M&A modelling right.
The 2 days M&A Strategy course are structured to guide you through the entire M&A life cycle from M&A strategy through to implementation of the transaction and post merger integration. It is cover all the strategic elements of M&A include the integration so it starts with the strategy, success factors the target selection the deal structures, and extensive JV section which is always important for SEA companies and specifically with a negotiation section and brings Uri and Fisher's negotiation strategies that they teach at Harvard together with those tactics of Chris Voss a former FBI hostage negotiator and brilliant negotiator CEO of the Black Swan Group. Bestselling author of Post Merger Integration, Due Diligence and Valuation round off the two days intensive course.
The second 3-days M&A Modelling course build on the M&A Strategy and guide you through every step necessary to understand the transaction from structuring the transaction to modelling it in an excel sheet. It focus entirely on learning the Financial Modelling with all aspects from building the model, incorporating valuation elements and showing how the findings from the due diligence get incorporated in income statement, and balance sheet modeling as well as working capital modelling. It also focuses on closing procedures, putting the purchase price allocation together building the opening balance sheet, financing the transaction with detailed understanding of the financial instrument characteristics and features, synergy implementation, in the modeling and many other things that are important when putting the Sale and Purchase Agreement together. It is rounded off by a second model and case on the last day that is a greatrehearsal if everything that has been taught has been fully understood.
This complete M&A Training led by a faculty director who has successfully led over US$20 billion of deal transaction, Thomas Kessler’s M&A transactions have been featured by Harvard Business School as HBS case study. You will also be exposed to group discussions and engage in live case studies with other financial leaders and you will have an opportunity to establish a network with other financial leaders like yourself across multiple industries and countries.
It is a renown unique program that has been taught globally to more than 1600 C-level and corporate development professionals. The trainer have adapted it to the needs of the Malaysian entrepreneurial spirit. This is a course taught by a practitioner for practitioners.
M&A Strategy:
• Review every phase from strategy, strategic target selection, due diligence, deal-structure, valuation, financing, agreements, to post merger integration
• Cover every transaction-type from Joint Venture, acquisition, merger, equity investment, even hostile takeovers can be addressed if desired.
• It provides time to work in small groups and digest information provided and connect it to your own situations.
• It is a unique opportunity to build your very own or review your existing M&A Playbook
• It opens up the opportunity to revisit M&A from a small, medium size to even large deal size view

M&A Modelling:
• Setting up your Excel model,
• Identifying the dilutive impact of options and convertibles on any transaction may it be private or public
• How to calculate a variety of approaches in defining the terminal value as part of building your DCF
• How to analyse the financials of your target company
• How to you build a proper trend analysis
• How to evaluate and add synergies to your model
• How to analyse working capital and the working capital conversion cycle
• How to choose the right closing procedure when it comes to working capital
• Talking about assets how to assess step-ups and the impact on depreciation and amortization
• How to define the capital conversion cycle and how that ties to financial leverage for transactions
• How will options impact the valuation of the transaction
• How will non executable options impact the valuation of the transaction
• How will deals best be financed and what features do you need to be aware of putting your financing together
• How to explain the funding of transactions using sources and uses of funds, tying it back to the valuation
• How to build the opening balance sheet with the applied financing
• How to develop a purchase price allocation and apply the results to the opening balance sheet
• How to define the accretion and dilution analysis and how does the financial structure impact it
This highly interactive program is designed for all C –level and senior level executives (SVP, VP, MD, Director, Head) who are involved in M&A or who are in these roles or related ones:
CFO, Finance, Financial Controller, Banking, Treasury, Accounting, Strategic Planning / Management, Corporate Planning / Strategy, Group Strategy, Business Planning / Analysis / Development, Private Equity / Venture Capital, Investor / Investing, Valuation
With over 27 years of M&A experience, the trainer has led major landmark M&A transactions including Deutsche Post acquisition of Global Mail, Deutsche Telekom Orange Netherlands combination, Goodyear Sumitomo Rubber merger, Avaya Global Connect JV with Tata, Wacker and Air Products JV and the Albany International and Geshmay group merger. The latter has been featured as a Harvard Business School Case Study. He is now the Founder and Managing Partner of IntegrationSuccess GmbH. His primary focus is on creating financial value for companies through M&A, JV and corporate restructuring. He has been involved in over 34 major integration projects and countless transactions with a total valuation of more than US$20 billion.Thomas is an accomplished faculty leader in universities and institutions globally such as the KPMG, Zürich University PWC European Center of Excellence and Ericsson Training Center.
Partial lists of clients that the trainer has provide services for:
• Deutsche Telecom • Lucent Technologies • Deutsche Post • North American Chemicals Co. • AT&T • Albany International
• Dupont & ICI • ConEdison • Siemens • Delphi • Elmos • ASML • Sage Software • AsrgauischeKantonalbank • BKW AG
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