2017 CBTS Endowment Grant Application
The Endowment was created by CBTS to provide a vehicle and structure for members who wish to actively support the mission of CBTS.

The Calvary by the Sea Endowment Fund shall provide a perpetual source of income to benefit five current categories:
- Missions: local, regional and world projects.
- Education: training, retreats, college and seminary scholarships
- Youth: support for youth of all ages
- Worship and Music: support for the worship of Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church
- Capital Projects: major renovations and building of new facilities.

More information about the Endowment Committee can be found on the church website: http://www.tinyurl.com/cbtsendowment

Application Deadline: May 1, 2017
Total amount available for all grants in 2017: $11,262.68.
Funds available: June15th, 2017
All funds to be expended within a year of fund availability. Extension maybe available, if requested.

Questions may be directed to Endowment Team:
Linda Cluney lcluney(at)gmail.com
Mike May mmmay(at) me.com
Pulelehua Quirk pulermq(at)gmail.com
Thea Johanos tjohanos(at)hotmail.com
Mary Pat Ashby mphana(at)gmail.com

* Hard copy applications are available (CBTS office (377-5477), sanctuary usher's table)
Name of group or person requesting funds *
Email (requesting funds) *
Phone Number (requesting funds) *
If you are completing this form for someone else please what is your Name, Email and phone number ?
Who will be responsible for providing email reports of progress & completion of the project? *
Reporting Due, December 15, March 1 June 1st and upon completion. Sent to CBTSENDOWMENT@gmail.com
Project Overview *
Provide an overview on the project or resource(s) for which you are requesting funding.
Project Details *
Give details that provide a fuller understanding of the project, including its impact on the community.
Describe the primary beneficiaries *
Example: Funding youth to attend Bible Camp will strengthen relationships among youth and adult leaders, and provide opportunities for more in-depth Christian education,
Describe how the project will be evaluated and assessed. Required *
Provide an itemized budget for the project. *
Indicate how the money will be spent. Describe any volunteer involvement in the project.
Total Project Cost *
Include all costs even those not covered by this Endowment grant
List other current or anticipated funding sources for this project (if applicable).
Amount Requested *
If this is an on-going project, describe future funding.
Indicate if the project has been funded from the previous CBTS endowment fund. If it has, describe why it should be funded again.
Examples of past projects: Flat screen TV in 'Ohana Lani, Worship supply cabinet in Sanctuary, CPR training, Sacred Moves Classes, Freezer and renovation for Angel Network, New Octave of Bells for Choir, Rotary Pacesetters, Prince of Peace building fund, New CBTS hymnals ,Youth Attending Bible camp, CBTS family retreat, Yoga teacher training, Life coach training, Hawaii-based Wounded warriors, Rotary, CBTS missionaries, other local missions
I certify that the information I have provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I agree that if I am awarded a grant from this Endowment program, I will utilize these funds only for the purpose that was outlined in the this application. Funds approved will be used within one year of notification. I also give the Endowment Committee permission to have this application reviewed by the committee members and Church Council. I give permission to the Endowment Committee to publicly acknowledge the grant recipient. *
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