Spiritual Gifts Survey
Welcome to the Spiritual Gifts Survey for Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church! We are so excited for each one of us to have the personal experience of discovering what our spiritual gifts are. Additionally, we are happy that we, as a congregation, will have the chance to learn what our collective gifts are.

To complete this survey, please fill out your name in the first question. This will allow us to give you feedback about your scores and your special gifts. Each subsequent question describes a particular activity that you may or may not have experience with. If you've never tried a certain activity, indicate this by checking "no experience". For those activities that you have participated in, please answer the question, "How much do I enjoy doing this?"

As you complete this survey, you may experience a wide range of emotions and feelings about your experiences. The survey is designed to tap into those feelings as you gather information about your spiritual gifts.
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Working with facts and/or figures.
Drawing, designing, or painting various objects.
Repairing and maintaining things.
Talking with and building up those who are having difficulties in life.
Seeing positive results in people’s lives when I share my faith in Jesus with them.
Helping in the discipling process of people entrusted to my care.
Knowing that through the power of the Holy Spirit anything is possible.
Giving my time and talents to Jesus.
Working time into my schedule to allow for someone else who really needs it.
Opening my home to those who are traveling or homeless.
Using the Scriptures to help others grow in their understanding of Jesus and his plan for them.
Motivating people to get things done.
Offering my words and actions when someone is experiencing difficult times.
Playing a musical instrument
Praying for other people when asked.
Doing needful things that others may not wish to do, are uncomfortable doing, or may not have the time to do now.
Teaching in an effective and meaningful manner.
Making important decisions trusting in the power of the Lord working in me to accomplish that end.
Writing so that others can understand it.
Organizing things or materials.
Working with my hands to create various arts and crafts.
Helping others build or repair things.
Comforting someone suffering from physical or emotional problems.
Sharing my faith with others.
Leading a small group of people and showing genuine care and concern for them.
Looking forward to times ahead with a sure confidence of where I will be and where my church will be.
Giving as much as I can to God in response for all that He continually does for me.
Volunteering or taking the initiative to help others rather than waiting for them to ask for help.
Making strangers or visitors feel relaxed when I entertain them or when they share the comforts of my home.
Reading and studying various topics so that I am able to grow personally and share that knowledge with others.
Leading small and/or large groups of people into making decisions.
Helping others without needing a thank you or recognition.
Performing for others using my instrumental music talents.
Performing vocal music alone or in a group.
Making my prayer life the highest priority, sometimes putting other matters aside.
Following directions and instructions to complete a task or implement a solution.
Helping others learn things about Scripture, which aids in building them up.
Facing day to day matters in an honest and truthful way.
Writing so others can learn and grow.
Setting goals and objectives and seeing them through.
Being a part of a play production.
Working on outdoor projects such as gardening and landscaping.
Influencing someone’s life with words of comfort, cheer and/or admonishment.
Showing concern for those who do not have faith in Jesus.
Bringing friends or relatives back to faith who have strayed away.
Trusting my feelings that I know that God has a plan for me in the years to come, even when others disagree or feel otherwise.
Budgeting money so that I can give much to the Lord.
Contributing to things behind the scenes rather than in visible, public functions.
Planning for and entertaining friends and guests.
Reading and doing research so I will grow spiritually.
Helping others carry out goals and objectives they must accomplish.
Spending time working with those less fortunate than me.
Teaching or helping others in playing a musical instruments.
Becoming familiar with a variety of Christian music.
Praying for the needs of someone else.
Doing many small, necessary routine tasks for others.
Strengthening others by teaching children or adults about the love that Jesus has for them.
Helping others grow and overcome problems by going to Scripture and sharing the words with them.
Composing newsletter or newspaper articles.
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