2019-2020 Blacknall Officer Recommendations
This form allows you to recommend a person to the Blacknall Officer Nominating Committee for consideration as a possible candidate for the office of deacon and/or elder. Please note this form is a recommendation and not a nomination.

Please submit a separate form for each person you are recommending. Officers must be official members of Blacknall. (Feel free to recommend someone even if you're not sure about their membership status. The Officer Nominating Committee will check membership status.)

When recommending someone, please have the following qualities in mind (loosely summarizing the indicated verses): of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom (Acts 6:3), able to exercise oversight willingly, eager, able to lead by example (1 Peter 5:1–4), above reproach, gentle, known for integrity and character, spiritually mature, and proven in faith (1 Timothy 3:1–13 and Titus 1:5–9).

If you would like to see formal descriptions of these offices from the PCUSA Book of Order, you can find those here: https://blacknall.org/news/officer-recs

Note that in Presbyterian language, the term "ruling elders" refers to what we more loosely call elders, while the term "teaching elders" refers to what we typically call pastors.

Thank you for your recommendation!
2020 Officer Nominating Committee
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