The 4th International Conference for School as Learning Community: Application for Registration
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2. Participation days
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3. Session of Presentation
Will you make your presentation? (In the case of collaborative research, we ask only the first author to click "Yes").
Which strand will you plan to submit a presentation session? (Please select one, otherwise the organizer will decide it.)
4. Special Meal Request
When you take part in the reception party and/or the school visit, please select one of the following options.
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If you need Visa and a support of us, please inform us what kind of the support you demand.
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1. You need not to pay any fee of application and registration. But if you attend the reception party or/and school visit, you must pay the following charges at registration.
(1) Reception Party: US$ 25
(2) School Visit: US$ 20 (Lunch included)

2. We can not afford any support for accommodation and transit from airport. Beijing Normal University is located at a convenient site, so you can easily to find out a suitable hotel and an available transit.

3. The conference starts from 9 am on October 28 and closes 4pm on October 29. The school visit is arranged from 1 pm to 5 pm on October 28.

4. The conference is managed with English. However, Opening remarks, keynote speeches and plenary symposiums are managed with English and Chinese by assistant of an impromptu translator.

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