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Thanks for trying our Simple Hangover Prevention Regimen! We're looking for all types of alcohol drinkers looking to diminish or reduce their hangover symptoms. Our series of six supplements can be added to your nights out drinking, and you can put some proven anti-hangover remedies to work for you! We're seeking user testimonials and opinions about the usefulness of our product.
Clarity! - Sample Dosage of 6 Pills
Did you use Clarity! as directed on one night of drinking? *
Instructions: Take the GOLDEN Borage Oil Pill before you begin, Take one TAN Active Dry Yeast Pill with each drink, finish with WHITE Iodized Salt & Potassium Chloride Pill with full glass of water before bed for electrolyte replacement.
How many drinks did you consume while using our product during your one night of drinking?
Let me get a tiny bit of personal detail about you, please select your sex/body type so we can guesstimate blood alcohol content.
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Did you practice any other preventive measures to avoid a hangover?
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Do you think Clarity! helped reduce your hangover symptoms?
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How much was the average drink price?
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As a thanks for participating in this survey, we'll send you another sample of Clarity!, put your mailing address in the answer below, and we'll mail out more as they become available. Include your email address if you'd like to know more about ordering it online.
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