The Nutcracker (Grade 3) Field Trip
North Ridgeville City Schools provides learning experiences that are outside of the traditional classroom environment and off school property for students across all grade levels. This electronic form serves as the Districts Field Trip Consent Form. It references NRCS Board Policy and asks for parents/guardian consent in the form of electronic signature.

NRAC 3rd grade has planned a field trip to see The Nutcracker at the stunning Lorain Palace Theatre.

A beloved tradition since its premiere in 1892, The Nutcracker includes epic battles, beautiful dances, incredible displays of heartwarming joy and the inescapable feeling that you have witnessed a holiday classic that has made audiences smile for generations.

North Pointe Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker is an imaginative staging unlike you’ve ever seen it before. The holiday classic is brought to life through use of integrated live narration that guides those new to ballet through the story and enchants lifelong fans with thrilling theatrical elements and colorful larger-than-life sets and costumes.

There is an $5 fee associated with this Field Trip. Cash or Check (made out to NRAC) can be sent to the school in an envelope marked with your child's name and "Nutcracker."

If you have more than one child that needs the Field Trip form completed, please note you will need to submit a separate form for each child. If you have questions regarding this method of granting field trip permission please contact NRAC Elementary. Thank you

FIELD TRIP DATE: December 13, 2019
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