Zoom Art Lessons with Danica
I'm so excited to be able to teach you or your student some new art skills and projects. Fill out this form so I have a better understanding of where you're at as a potential student and how I can help you meet your goals.

No previous art experience is necessary, but a willing heart and the (age-appropriate) ability to listen and follow instructions are the only things that are required. I have lots of experience teaching children, teens, and adults. I've had a ton of previous experience teaching in the online format as well, so no worries there!

When I receive this form, I'll give you a call to schedule a free 15 min. consultation via Zoom.
Who is the art lesson for?
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What is the student's current experience with art?
What kind of art (if any) is the student currently making? This can include fine art like drawing, watercolors, painting, or crafts like sewing, calligraphy, etc.
What MEDIUMS would you/the student like to learn during our lesson?
What SKILLS would you/the student like to learn during our art lessons? (Ex: draw a realistic face, paint a landscape in color, how to get past my art-block, etc.)
We are under quarantine, so supplies can be limited. What art supplies are currently available to use in your home? Tell me: what kinds of paper/canvases, coloring supplies, paints, brushes, etc.
How often would you/the student like to do art lessons? (Your answer is not a commitment, just a discussion point for our call)
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Do you currently have a free Zoom account?
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My current rate is $30/hr for online lessons ($45 for 1.5 hrs). Do you feel comfortable with that price?
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