RSVP: Taboo Talks on Faith & Politics at St. Matthews. Dialogue #2 "Moving forward in a time of discord."
Thank you for your interest in participating in "Taboo Talks" at St. Matthew's! The goal of these dialogues is to build understanding across political differences and to hear each other deeply.

We hope that you would be willing to challenge yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone and with this in mind, we hope that you would be willing to be divided from your significant other (if applicable). If you have concerns about this, please email Megan Bollen (

Structure: Upon your arrival to the event, you will be placed in a Listening Circle professionally facilitated by the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion. Each circle is organized before hand to include diverse opinions.

Agreements: The spirit of listening circles is to build understanding across political divides. The guidelines for respectful conversation that we'll be using include:

- Use "I" Statements
- Be Specific
- Share Time
- Be Aware
- Slow Down
- Honor Privacy

Role of the Facilitator:

1) Keep track of TIME
2) Keep everyone to the GUIDELINES
3) Take anonymous NOTES on what is being said

Your responses below will help us to form these diverse small groups. Responses will be tabulated by Zeidler Center staff and kept confidential. Please RSVP by January 7, 2017 and email questions to:

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