2018 Tamberlane Crowd Cameo Commissions
In the upcoming crowd scene at the end of chapter 3, I want to be able to put as many cameos as I can fit in there! While Patrons will definitely have the lion's share of cameos, I want to offer 15 slots for folks who don't ordinarily support on Patreon.


Your character will show up in the background for the last 5 pages of chapter 3, including a large establishing shot. While the background will likely be slightly blurred, all cameos will be recognizable, and all cameos will be provided with a copy of the full, unblurred background.

The pages these cameos will be on will be public on the site starting January 23rd, 2019 (barring life complications).

This is not First Come First Serve. I will select from the entries which cameos I like the best. I reserve the right to deny any request, for any reason.

All characters will be redesigned to fit the world of the comic.

No edits or revisions permitted.

By submitting payment, you agree to allow me to use your character in the comic without compensation, for those five pages. Your character may show up incidentally in advertisement for the comic.

If you submit someone else's character as a gift, they must also be okay with the above rules.


Submit your cameo request here, with this form! Form will be open until December 6th.

By December 6th, I will email all applicants with approval or denial.

Once you are approved, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once it's paid, you're in.

Good luck, everyone! I can't wait to draw you!

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