Quickstart Aspen reset form LPHS 2019-20

Use this form if you have not created your Parent Portal for Aspen access and cannot locate the original CPS email with instructions and your log-in credentials.

Information in this form will be used to help locate your username and log-in credentials. Once submitted, continue to check your email for a response from LPHS with your log-in credentials.

Once you have received your credentials, do create a parent portal account in Aspen and continue to follow the Quickstart on-line registration process.

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What is your student's first and last name?
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What is your student's date of birth?
What is your student's identification number? You can find this 9 digit number on CPS documents.
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What is your student's cps email address?
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What is your first and last name? Name of the parent(s) attached to the student.
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What is your email address that will access the account?
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What is your cellular number?
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