Social Skills Group Spring 2021
Presented by Simply Psychology, Dr. Alicia Goodman, PhD., NCSP & Kristin Larson, Ed.S.
Is my child a good fit for this social skills group?
Is your child 4-17? Do they struggle with social pragmatic language, social problem solving, selective mutism, social anxiety, or with making and keeping friends? Are they able to be verbal with a new person within 10-20 minutes of warm up time? If so, this group is a great fit for your child! End of session surveys from parents indicate that their child is more willing to engage socially and verbally with others and they have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.

Registration is open to current and new clients. For our returning clients please be advised that your group may change from last session. All clients NEW to group, must attend a 60 minute online screening appointment to determine if our social skills group is right for your child. If the fit is not good for group, you will still receive appropriate recommendations and intervention ideas for your child.

Please provide the required information below and a member of Simply Psychology, LLC will be in touch with you shortly to share forms to secure your enrollment or to schedule a social skills screening appointment.
What happens during group?
During our 50 minute group sessions, your child will interact in structured play activities with peers of similar age and communication skills led by Dr. Alicia Goodman, PhD, NCSP who has years of training and experience working with socially anxious and SM children and teens.

Group typically includes an interactive game or song (depending on the age group), a check in with each child, sometimes a question of the week they have practiced at home, a structured activity specific to communication and social skills, and group games (which are great opportunities to learn skills such as explaining the rules of a game, asking questions for clarification, speaking to others. Group dynamics change based on the composition of the group and skills of the group, and no two groups are ever the same. However, some things we have covered in the past in addition to what is listed above include; introductions, how to make friends, emotional vocabulary, understanding the feelings of others, self advocacy, how to join groups, how to keep a conversation on the same topic going, when is it appropriate to speak about certain topics.

Enrichment/extension activities that relate to the topics covered in group will be given to parents prior to each group session, for optional, but recommended, follow up at home. These activities include options to extend the enrichment or take a slower pace so you can meet your child exactly where they are!

Each group will meet virtually for a total of 10 sessions. Dates are as follows: 1/23/21, 1/30/21, 2/6/21, 2/20/21, 3/6/21, 3/27/21, 4/10/21, 4/24/21, 5/8/21, 5/22/21. Times will be determined based on the group your child is placed in, but typically run in the morning between 9a-12p AZ time. For new clients, group placement will be determined as appropriate during your screening appointment. There are three options you can choose to enroll in for group sessions.
Enrollment Options
Basic: Your child will be enrolled in each of 10 sessions offered. An email outlining each session agenda including options for exercises to extend the social skills experiences will be provided. Open to all U.S. residents. This option is $750.

Tailored: Basic option PLUS individual feedback given specific to your child's progress at the end of each group session, specific recommendations tailored to your child will be included, access to clinician to answer and respond to questions via email for the entire run of session. A 15 minute virtual end of session conference will be given to discuss progress and recommendations. Open to all U. S. residents. This option is $950.

Elevated: Tailored option PLUS a beginning and end of semester rating form assessment of social skills, up to 3 specific goals including an individualized treatment plan for your child, a 45 minute parent feedback session at the end of session (in June) to discuss progress on goals and recommendations AND a 45 minute consultation with a teacher, administrator, or any other adult of your choice relating specifically to helping your child. Only open to residents of Arizona and Washington State at this time. This option is $1600 (a $2000 value), initial screening appointment still required, but screening fee is waived with this enrollment.
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