TEST: How much you love yourself?
As an addition to my book, I have formulated a "self-love test" that you might wish to undertake. If you do, please answer the questions at least twice, once before, and once after reading the book.
Based on your answers I will send you my assessment of how much you really love yourself and proper advice and suggestions on how to improve your relationship with yourself.
If you follow the proposed exercises in the book, your subsequent answers will be most likely different from the original ones, and the quality of your life will proportionally improve.
It works well for me: I read it again and again, and as I keep repeating the exercises, it renews the freshness of my steps each time I start to stumble.
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Do you feel that you always place others ahead of yourself? *
Do you feel that you are giving more than you are receiving? *
Do you feel that others are taking advantage of you? *
Do you feel that people don't treat you fairly? *
Do you think that people are ungrateful? *
Do you rarely feel gratitude? *
Do you often feel restless? *
Does your desires remain unfulfilled? *
Does your future make you anxious? *
Does the past seem better than the present? *
Are you unhappy with your appearance? *
Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? *
Do you often feel sick and lacking in energy? *
Do you care about the opinions of others? *
Does the negative criticism upset you? *
Did you miss something you would do just for yourself? *
Do you miss enjoyment in your daily activities? *
Do you often feel that you don’t have enough time? *
Do you often have the feeling that you “have to” do something? *
Do you feel that people are expecting something from you? *
Do you feel bad when you can’t reach the expectations of others? *
Can you state about yourself that you're not a happy person? *
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