The Flourish Garden SCHOLARSHIP 2024 by ColourEmpower (Due date 28 May 2024)
Ready to build new habits and achieve your goals with a touch of creativity?
£300 in value scholarship for the Flourish Garden project  (3 to 5 available) Apply Now!
Please make sure you read all the information about the project as described at the end of this form or on our website : 
contact Shirine directly on whatsapp number  +44 7387 969996  or email for any question )

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Scholarship eligibility for the following and who are under financial constraint or who have exceptional creative input, Who do you identify with as?  
Eligibility : Students, Young adults, creatives professionals and amateurs, art lovers, single parents, and members of the Lebanese diaspora.(and if you are not one of them  just let us know why you could benefit from being part!) 
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Our weekly zoom call will be on Wednesday May 29, June 5, June 12, June , June 26, 2024. at London Time ( For 5 consecutive Wednesdays starting 29 May ). Please confirm you know the timing and you can attend all sessions. *
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Ready to build new habits and achieve your goals with a touch of creativity?

🌟 Apply TODAY  Limited Scholarship Opportunity for The Flourish Garden Project! 🌟

ColourEmpower is delighted to announce that we are offering limited scholarships for our unique 5-week program, The Flourish Garden. This opportunity is perfect for anyone looking to combine personal growth with creativity. Apply today to be considered for this transformative experience.

Our Weekly Zoom Coaching calls (5 in total) with certified coach Shirine Osseiran Wednesdays  7pm London time. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Do you want to know more details about our project?

The Flourish Garden Project: A Unique Journey of Growth and Creativity

( created by Artist and coach Shirine Osseiran, Founder of ColourEmpower and ColourEmpower 1.3K community group)

The Flourish Garden Project offers a distinctive approach to personal development by blending the nurturing of new habits and the achievement of personal goals with the joy of artistic expression. Over the course of five weeks, participants engage in a creative process that symbolizes their commitment to personal growth: the development of a unique flower painting or drawing. This artistic creation evolves weekly, mirroring the progress of each participant's commitments and achievements.

Key Features of The Flourish Garden:

Weekly Growth: Each week, participants will focus on building new habits or advancing towards a personal goal, using the art of their growing flower as a visual representation of their journey.

Community and Accountability: Through weekly Zoom calls, members of The Flourish Garden come together in a supportive group setting. This communal approach fosters accountability and encouragement, essential elements for maintaining motivation and commitment.

Expert Guidance: Led by Shirine, a seasoned life coach, the project is enriched with expert tips and strategies to help participants stick to their commitments more effectively. Shirine’s coaching provides personalized support and insights, making the path towards personal goals clearer and more attainable.

Creative Joy: Unlike traditional coaching programs focused strictly on goals and achievements, The Flourish Garden incorporates creativity and visual symbolism. This integration ensures that the journey is not just about reaching milestones but also about enjoying the process through artistic expression.

Pioneering Community Project: At the end of the five weeks, participants’ flowers will not only stand as symbols of their personal success but will also become part of ColourEmpower's virtual garden, a collective showcase of growth and creativity.

What our Pilot course participants are saying:

"I am always existed about any new ideas from shirine.I love this new journey and I start see progress since the first week ." Soha. 

"I love the idea of being credible in front of a supportive group. My first week was refreshing, I was very aware of my commitments . The group is very supportive and shirine's feedback is spot on always. " Jinane.

"It's an exciting new journey I'm embarking on with Shirine. As I'm decluttering my mind and simplifying my goals, I'm tackling one day at a time and one goal at a time! I'm already enjoying the daily little satisfactions all while seeing my flower and the group's flourish! “ Carol

Interested but don’t require a scholarship? Don't hesitate! Register now to secure your place in this transformative community, as spaces are limited

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