Scanner Survey
ALA RUSA-STARS Vendor Relations Committee
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1. How many scanners do you have?
2. What brand/model scanner(s) do you use?
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3. What do you like about your scanner(s)? (How easy to use, etc.)
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4. What don’t you like about your scanner(s)? (Durability, etc.)
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5. What features do you wish your scanner(s) had? (Quality of scans, etc.)
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6. What format do you scan in? (Select all that apply)
7. What dpi(s) do you scan at? (Select all that apply)
8. Which of the following do you do? (Select all that apply)
9. Which of the following do you use for delivering scans? Select all that apply.
10. Do you use a third-party scanning software customized for ILL with your scanner(s)?
11. If you use ILLiad do you scan using the Odyssey scanner feature interface?
12. Do you scan for Document Delivery for your home institutional patrons?
13. How old is/are your scanner(s)?
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14a. Are you thinking of/planning to buy a new scanner(s) soon?
14b. If so, what features will you be looking for in a new scanner?
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15a. Do you use your scanner for anything else?
15b. If so, what?
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16a. Do you share a scanner with other units/departments?
16b. If so, with whom?
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17. Anything else you’d like to add?
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