Scanner Survey
ALA RUSA-STARS Vendor Relations Committee
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1. How many scanners do you have? *
2. What brand/model scanner(s) do you use? *
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3. What do you like about your scanner(s)? (How easy to use, etc.) *
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4. What don’t you like about your scanner(s)? (Durability, etc.) *
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5. What features do you wish your scanner(s) had? (Quality of scans, etc.) *
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6. What format do you scan in? (Select all that apply) *
7. What dpi(s) do you scan at? (Select all that apply) *
8. Which of the following do you do? (Select all that apply)
9. Which of the following do you use for delivering scans? Select all that apply.
10. Do you use a third-party scanning software customized for ILL with your scanner(s)? *
11. If you use ILLiad do you scan using the Odyssey scanner feature interface? *
12. Do you scan for Document Delivery for your home institutional patrons? *
13. How old is/are your scanner(s)? *
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14a. Are you thinking of/planning to buy a new scanner(s) soon? *
14b. If so, what features will you be looking for in a new scanner?
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15a. Do you use your scanner for anything else? *
15b. If so, what?
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16a. Do you share a scanner with other units/departments? *
16b. If so, with whom?
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17. Anything else you’d like to add?
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