Ute Pass MOPS Scholarship Guidelines & Application 2020/21
Ute Pass MOPS wants to include any mother who wishes to join our group regardless of her financial situation. Because we believe that all requests for assistance should be honored on a true need basis, we offer a limited number of PARTIAL scholarships. We ask that you contribute something towards your membership fees as well as help out in childcare once a year.

MOPS Scholarships are considered on a case-by-case basis and will be available for up to two semesters. Requests are kept confidential within our leadership team.

We trust that all requests for assistance are based on true need and ask that you consider the following questions below:

How much of a priority is attending MOPS in my life?

How much do I spend in membership fees/dues/supplies for other clubs or hobbies I participate in?

Are there any areas of my life that I could adjust my disposable income spending in order to afford MOPS?

Please complete this application and our Finance Coordinator will be contacting you shortly.
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