New Haven Community Language Map
A form for contributions to the map of language resources in New Haven, Connecticut, located at

A "language resource" is considered to be one of the following:

* A place where a language other than English is spoken, can be overheard, and/or where the written language is visible in public
* A place where a language other than English is taught or learned, either in a formal institution, or less formally
* A place where a language other than English used to be heard, seen or taught but is no more; alternatively, a place where a language is not audible or visible, but is felt, imagined, or hoped for
* A place in New Haven that has appeared prominently in literature, song, film or other media in a language other than English

One person can submit as many resources as s/he would like; each resource requires a separate form entry. All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness and formatting by Yale Center for Language Study staff and/or language faculty before posting on the map; contributors will be notified when their resource(s) are posted.

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