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Sales Workshop will be on February 28th, 7PM - 9PM (CEL Starterspace BA1 - Room 135)

Develop your Business Acumen and garner the skills for your future Career!
The best Engineers are natural pragmatic technical problem solvers. However, can they solve business problems? A whole different dynamic and situation.

ASME is partnering with CEO Knights & Society of Sales Engineers to host a sales workshop to help members understand the importance of sales in their future careers. Our Sales Workshop offers a chance for you to learn from Industry leaders, the value in communicating your value effectively and gathering the right information from your potential clientele.

The focus of the workshop will be to understand the entire Sales Cycle how to apply it to an organization and client relationship.

Teaching Structure:
Attendees will be split into groups headed by 'Sales Coaches'. Each Coach will present an opportunity for a sale with a focus on understanding the complete SALES CYCLE. Each group will learn about the 5 sales cycles and practice role playing and improv with a Sales Coach.

Partnerships: CEO Knights and Society of Sales Engineers

*Food and Drinks will be provided (Chick-fil-A)

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