Ultimate Peace Summer Camp Coach Application

Welcome to the application for the Ultimate Peace Summer Camp 2023.  Camp will be held from July 1 to July 7 at the Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, NJ. Orientation for camp will begin on Thursday, June 29, and there will be a coach de-brief and camp closing on Saturday, July 8.  It is expected that coaches will be able to attend the entire 10 days.

Ultimate Peace strives to have an inclusive camp in which people from varied backgrounds are welcomed to camp to build their ultimate skills, develop friendships with people different from those with whom you regularly interact, and most importantly, have fun doing it all.  We are looking for coaches who have a solid background in ultimate coaching, as well as a strong desire to foster an open environment in which campers can thrive.

The application must be completed by 11:59pm Eastern time March 31, 2023.  We will contact everyone regarding acceptance by April 8.  By April 29, those accepted will be required to complete a registration form and formally accept their coaching spot at camp.  We do anticipate a larger number of applicants than available spots, so it is not guaranteed that an application will lead to an acceptance.

For more information on the role, please view our FAQs. Any questions not answered in the FAQs can be directed to uscamp@ultimatepeace.org. 

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