Karachain Research Scholar Program

We are building an operating system for the decentralised web, with a team of 46 developers in India, and growing.

This journey towards creating a blockchain that we can be able to call a next-generation blockchain requires that we put our feet into high quality research of the underlying technologies in an attempt to modify the core to suit our needs and ambition.

We have extensively researched in the following areas:

P2P Network Protocols, where we are building a new protocol to push the world further than where it went with Kademlia DHT

P2P File Systems, where we have researched on a decentralised file system that can act as a plug-and-play solution for dApps

New cryptographic algorithms, where we are writing break-through algorithms to drastically reduce the computational complexities of full nodes

P2P Parallel Computing and Virtual Machines, where we are researching on utilising the idle resources across devices following the concept of the World Computer.

Data Compression, where our idea is to develop efficient algorithms to reduce the size of blockchains; and using sharding to reduce the storage requirement of every node to download the entire blockchain

Consensus and Mechanism Design, in which we are working on several consensus mechanisms such as PoW, PoS, DPoS et. al.

Programming Languages and Compiler Design, in which we are looking out for new programming languages which can enable developers to write smart contracts as well as programs for parallel computing.

In this quest, we are looking for brilliant researchers and academicians from premier institutes and the industry across the world to collaborate with us and peer review our ongoing research.

We want you to come with us as we bring a series of very meaningful impacts in the world.

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