S4L 2015 is a fun, virtual sailboat race series scheduled for the weekend of June 20-21, 2015.
It's sponsored by Sail4Life (S4L), the official Relay For Life team for all SLSailors.

As most skippers already know, S4L Is the group that unites sailors that support cancer research through the American Cancer Society. Winnie Sweetwater Is the leader. She's worked nonstop for the past two years to bring all the sailing communities together under the banner of Sail4Life, and in my opinion, she's done an absolutely wonderful job.

So.... with the endorsement of Winnie's S4L group, I'm thrilled to announce this year's Uber-S4L Sail-Race Fundraiser Event:The 2015 SAIL4LIFE RACE REGATTA, with crews competing aboard the new TRUDEAU 12 Meter Sloop. WOOTS! This is going to be a high-rolling, all chips-in, full-throttle team race that's also full of laughs and great fun.

Hey, did I mention S4L2015 will pit the best sailors in SL against each other in a weekend of truly breathtaking sail-racing? With full team support? :-)

Sound Good? You want to join in the fun? (Of course you do!) :-)
Don't worry, this is a crewed event so there's space for up to sixty-four sailors. That means, even if you've never raced before, this could be your chance to throw-in with an expert team to find out how absolutely great SL-racing can be. :-)

OKOKOK,.. Now let me cut to the chase and give you the INFO. If you'd like to compete in the SAIL4LIFE 2015 RACE REGATTA and find out what I'm talking about, PLEASE just complete the short form below.
Geez, I'll make it even easier... Here are comments to help you answer the questions:

Each team needs a Contact Person (usually the person filling out the form) that the Race Committee can communicate with in Second Life. The Contact Person is the "team manager," but the Contact does not actually need to sail the boat in races; any other team members can share that task.
(How many sailors on a team? Well, any number you want. Sailors can race solo but I suspect most will race as part of a team. A team can be any size, but the maximum in any race will be one skipper and three crew (due to sim limitations).

Each race entry needs a Team Name, so the Race Committee, Judges, and Spectators can keep track of the standings. (for example, back in the 2009 J-Classic Regatta the top Finalist teams were named WAYPOINT ALLSTARS and NYC NARWHAL).
PLEASE NOTE: Each team will be assigned a Regatta Race Number. Diamond Marchant will provide the teams with special regatta sails that prominently display the Race Numbers. Please use Diamond's sails during the competition; it will help the judges, the press, and photographers to identify your boat.Contact Diamond if you want to edit the designs on your sails!

SAIL4LIFE 2015 can only accept a maximum of 16 teams. The qualifying rounds will take place on June 20 in NORTH SEA. There will be four time-slots for the convenience of the global racing teams. Each time-slot will host only four race teams, and each time-slot group will sail four heats.The winners from each each time-slot group (total winners=four) will advance to the Finals.

The Finals will take place on Sunday June 21. The time for the Finals will be negotiated in early June among all the skippers competing.


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