National Student Spiritual Convocation (NSSC) Online Winter 2020 Consent Form
Dear Parents,

Hallelujah and greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Thank God, in spite of the Covid-19 situation, we are still able to host the National Student Spiritual Convocation online this year. We also thank God that your child has been enrolled to attend this year.


Since your child will be attending online classes, we would be grateful if you could fill in the form below to acknowledge and provide consent as required.


As part of this form, we will require the email address that your child will be using in order to access the Zoom environment.


Please note you need to register for a Zoom account with an email address (i.e. you cannot just sign in by clicking on a link to Zoom). The purpose of this is to allow the NSSC team to pre-assign your child into their specific groups for fellowships and discussions, along with their team leaders and helpers. Having a list of registered email addresses allows us to control who can access the classroom environment.


Note: The email address will be deleted by 7th August 2020 and only record of your consent will remain.備註:我們將在2020年8月7日或以前刪掉紀錄中的電郵地址,只保留填妥的同意表格。

We will process personal data in line with the privacy notice of the UKGA (
Child's First Name 子女名字 *
Child's Surname 子女姓氏 *
Which NSSC is he / she attending? 參加學生靈恩會的班別: *
Home Church / Prayer House / Place of Worship 所屬教會 / 祈禱所 / 聚會點名稱 *
I, as the parent/guardian of the child named on this form, am happy for my child to take part in the online classes and activities of this year's NSSC held online by the UKGA DRA (RE Team) and he / she may attend these classes without parent/guardian supervision. 本人作為此表格內所填報學員(本人子女)的家長/監護人,樂意讓其參加英總宣牧處宗教教育組於本年學生靈恩會期間安排的網上課堂及活動,本人子女並可在未有家長/監護人的監督下,自行參與有關課堂及活動。 *
I, as the parent/guardian of the child named on this form, have read the student (2020 - VERSION 1.0 / 20200527) and parental involvement (2020 - VERSION 1.0 - 20200527) guidelines for NSSC 2020 and I agree for my child to adhere to the rules and guidance stipulated on these documents. 本人作為此表格內所填報學員(本人子女)的家長/監護人,已細閱2020年全國學生靈恩會的學員指引(2020 - VERSION 1.0 - 20200527)及家長參與指引(2020 - VERSION 1.0 - 20200527),並同意本人子女遵從該等文件內所載之守則及指引。 *
Untitled Title
First name of parent/guardian 家長/監護人名字 *
Surname of parent/guardian 家長/監護人姓氏 *
Please indicate the email address which your child will be using to access the Zoom environment. This email address needs to be for the Zoom account that your child will be using to access the NSSC Zoom environment for the duration of the course. 請填寫貴子女將會用以進入Zoom視訊平台的電郵地址。此電郵地址乃供Zoom 賬戶使用,並讓貴子女在學生靈恩會期間能進入Zoom 網上課堂 *
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