WACUHO 2017-2018 Committee Appointment Request Form
WACUHO's effectiveness as an Association depends on its membership's participation in the voluntary committees. If you are willing to contribute your time and effort to one or more of the committees listed below, please indicate your preference(s). List your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice if selecting more than one committee (note that typically, if you select more than one committee and all are open, you will likely be assigned to multiple committees; you may always decline once you receive your confirmation). Please also indicate if you are interested in chairing any of the committees. We will continue assigning committee requests as they are received. After you submit your form, you will receive a confirmation email from the Vice President generally within 2 weeks that will give you the opportunity to confirm your participation.

Operational Committees:
Assessment and Research Committee (New!)
Awards & Recognition
Finance Advisory Committee
Nominations (chaired by the immediate past president)
Past Presidents (open to WACUHO past presidents only)
Strategic Planning (by invitation only)
Time and Place
President’s Task Force on Equity and Inclusion (New!)*
Central Office Work Group (New!)*

Wacuho Annual Conference and Exposition:
((Note: All Chair positions for WACE 2018 Committees have been filled, but you are invited to please participate as a committee member))
Marketing & Registration
Corporate Relations

Central RAP
Island RAP
Northern RAP
Southern RAP
Mid-Level Managers

Specific Population Based:
Women of WACUHO
Equity and Diversity Awareness
New Professionals
WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color (New!)*

Strategic Planning Work Groups:
While all committees bring value to the organization, it is essential that we gather brilliance and contribution from our WACUHO membership to operationalize the recommendations of our WACUHO strategic plan. Work groups will be formed to address the immediate and short term needs identified in the strategic plan. Please consider joining a work group as WACUHO moves forward. To learn more about the Strategic Plan please go to http://wacuho.org/strategic-plan/

Work group topics will be identified after ratification of the strategic plan at our annual business meeting.

Additional Interest:

There will still be room to support your interest regarding topics not represented in the temporary committee structure stated above. If you and a group of colleagues have a specific interest and a plan to contribute to the organization, please contact vicepresident@wacuho.org

More information about committees can be found online at http://wacuho.org/committees/

Please check here for the responsibilities of committee membership: http://wacuho.org/wiki/index.php/Committee_Responsibilities

COMMITTEE CHAIR DEADLINE: If you are interested in (co-)chairing a committee for the 2017-2018 academic year you must submit your form by Friday, March 3, 2017.

WACUHO embraces the benefits that are derived from the inclusion of diversity in the Association. Members make significant contributions from all areas of higher education and at every level of responsibility. Various perspectives shared by our members, inclusive of ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, differing abilities, race, gender expression, socioeconomic status, or spirituality add a dynamic which enriches the membership and mission of the Association. WACUHO encourages all to actively participate in its programs, events and activities. WACUHO welcomes and values all perspectives and empowers all members to feel valued.

** Volunteer Conflict of Interest Statement/Form can be found at http://wacuho.org/to/conflictofinterest

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I have read the WACUHO Volunteer Conflict of Interest Statement, provided near the top of this form, and agree to comply fully with its terms and conditions at all times during my service as a WACUHO volunteer member. If at any time following the submission of this form I become aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest, or if the information previously provided becomes inaccurate or incomplete, I will promptly notify the WACUHO President at president@wacuho.org.
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