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In general, our chapter will focus on strategic campaigns to address climate change policy and solutions. More teams come online all the time as members join us and step up to lead teams.

Many of us are interested in all-things that are related to the environment. But it's not typically feasible to be involved in more than a couple aspects of the plethora of issues. For this poll, we suggest you select just one or two committees which you would like to join FOR NOW. You'll likely bop around to different teams throughout your tenure. For Circles, select ALL that are of genuine interest.

Our chapter needs more people ready to step up into leadership, so we greatly welcome all that are interested regardless of experience level — we'll work with you to get you comfortable and capable. We're all learning and those more seasoned help newer activists, so don't be afraid to jump in.
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CIRCLES - Possible Future Committees
Below are areas of interest that can be a lens for climate action. A committee may form in the future if a member volunteers in which case you'll be notified. If action opportunities arise related to these topics, we'll let you know (and won't have to inundate all members with all things).

Be sure to join any corresponding Slack channels for each of these as well. If you're new to Slack, read through our guide: You can join our group, "Climate Reality Chicago", via this link:
You can also suggest new "circles".

NOTE: Circles are dormant unless a major action arises or until a chapter member (or two) volunteers to serve as a lead. At that point a committee can be formed. Please consider leading a new committee on any of these topics! Guidelines for Forming Committees is available upon request. Email us for a PDF:
Arts and Activism
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Chicago Activists
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Climate Policy - Chicago
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Events and Programming
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Faith-based Community
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Food Issues
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Stop Fossil Fuels
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Water + Nature
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Young Professionals (21-39)
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Regional Groups
There is likely synergy in connecting our members who are near one another. Quarterly networking calls could be a simple offering and a good place to start. What additional things can regional groups do? Likely, honing in on local government or more localized versions of our larger regional efforts. This is in beta mode but could develop into something. Let us know if interested.
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