ISP Yearbook Info!
Please fill out the survey below, this will go in your ISP (Immersion Science Program) yearbook entry that will be displayed on the unofficial ISP Web Page once completed (it's like a mini bio).
Name: *
First and Last please
Surperlative / Nick-name?
These can be funny and ISP related, like "KING OF THE LAB" for example (Note: that superlative is taken, sorry).
High School: *
If applicable (we can always update this later)
Immersion Science Project Title: *
Fun-Quirky-Question! *
We like to have fun as ISP students, so to reflect that, please respond to a few (not all) of the following questions in an honest or creative way :) Favorite holiday? Favorite food? Favorite protocol? Favorite band/music? Fill in the blank: "i spend my Friday night's doing...(xyz)" "If i had a pet turtle I would name it...." "My favorite smell is....." "My favorite dessert is.... (cause IS is so sweet, haha)" "my favorite book is...." "Favorite shoe brand is...." "My ideal breakfast is...."
Other Research Experience:
Short and sweet please :) a brief description of past or current research projects, and a "where" and "when" is good.
Extracurricular activities: *
Try to limit this (i'm sure exhaustive list) to the highlights - you are not limited to just your current activities however.. Remember this is something for future students to see, so it might be nice for them to find something they have is common with past ISP students, like a sport, club, or arts activity for example.
Anything else we should include about you?
PS: We have pictures covered (dun dun duuuunnnn)
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