LyftUp's Jobs Access Program Restaurant Nomination Form
LyftUp's Job Access Program is Lyft’s comprehensive effort to expand transportation access to those who need it most. Through LyftUp, Lyft has partnered with leading nonprofits such as Gold House and the All of Us Movement to help provide free and discounted rides to individuals and families who lack affordable, reliable transportation to gain access to healthy food, get to job interviews, get to the polls, connect with critical resources in the aftermath of natural disasters, and more. The All of Us Movement was a proud partner in this launch, helping provide transportation to Asian-owned restaurants and Black-owned restaurants in New York City.

We're looking to expand this program, please nominate a restaurant! Requirements include: 1) Must be a minority-owned restaurant with less than 10 employees 2) Employees must have access to a mobile phone and an understanding of how a ride-share app works. Participants do not need to be current Lyft users.
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