ACCC & CIVIL SOCIETY: Collaborations for a Safer Climate
Do you want to improve the social impact of your research, work with civil society organizations, learn more about stakeholder work and create new connections? We welcome all ACCC community members to take part in collaborating with NGOs (non-governmental organizations), humanitarian organizations and other civil society actors to support climate change mitigation and adaptation. We are simultaneously mapping out researchers' interest in participating in school visits for educational purposes. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below to help us learn about your interests and develop our work accordingly.

The purpose of this survey is to collect preliminary information about ACCC researchers' interests and to create a pool of experts that can be contacted regarding civil society-related activities. You do not automatically commit to any activity by submitting this form. More information about further developments and details will be shared via ACCC channels during spring 2022. The responses will be handled confidentially and respondents will remain anonymous when results are discussed.

Co-designing solutions with different stakeholders is at the core of ACCC's mission, which is why we are currently building civil society collaborations that aim to build a lasting social impact. The focus is on human-climate interactions and on the theme 'safe climate'. No specific title, position or previous experience with civil society is required to participate in activities as an ACCC representative. The time and amount of work will vary case by case and according to individual interest.

Thank you for your time!

Contact person: Rosa Rantanen, D Soc Sc, Research Coordinator, INAR, University of Helsinki,, +358503360785

ACCC website: 
Twitter: @ACCC_FS

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ACCC is creating a pool of experts - a list of names - of people who can be contacted in the context of civil society collaborations and school visits. ACCC Research Coordinator can contact people on the list individually to ask about their willingness to join a certain activity. Do you consent to adding your name and email to the pool of experts? The list of names is for internal use only and you do not automatically commit to any activity. *
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Civil society covers NGOs, humanitarian organizations and other types of organized citizen activism. Do you have experience engaging in civil society activities in one or more of the following roles? Check all that apply.
If you answered yes, please provide more information here (e.g. name of organization, type of responsibility, duration, location).
Below is a list of some possible ways of participating in civil society collaborations as an ACCC representative. Which of them would you be preliminary interested in? Check all that apply.
Which tasks would you be preliminary interested in?
Which of the following thematic approaches would you be most interested in working with? Select one or more.
You can specify your thematic interests here if you wish.
Language skills: select the languages you are fluent in. The main languages of activities are Finnish, English and Swedish but all language skills are particularly useful when working with civil society.
What would you consider your main motivation(s) for participating in civil society collaborations?
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