Hock The Ham Fundraiser!
Thank you for volunteering to help fund raise for Boyne United Soccer Club!

By submitting your name and contact information, you are expressing your willing to volunteer to aid in our annual Hock The Ham fundraising campaign. Some of the roles we need filled are:

- Work with Dearborn Meats to obtain brochures and materials
- Meet with the players to explain how the fundraiser works and hand out material
- Collect Orders
- Total orders and send to Dearborn
- Get delivery dates
- Get OK from school to use coolers for storage
- Arrange for help in product pickup

Once everyone has had an opportunity to volunteer, we can divide and conquer!

Important Dates (TBD):
November XX: Fundraising packets go home
November XX to XX: Hock The Ham!
November XX: Turn in order forms and money into XX or XX
December XX: Pick up hams between 3 and 6 pm at BCHS
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