JAM Student Registration Fall 2019
Please fill out the form below to register your student for the Galax JAM program in Fall 2019.
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JAM Fees
There are several payment options available: one full payment, two half payments, weekly or bi-weekly payments (please note that you still pay the full tuition amount regardless of whether your child misses a class), or other, as arranged with the Director. Checks can be made payable to: Chestnut Creek School of the Arts or JAM or you can pay in full online after you have been accepted into the program. www.chestnutcreekarts.org/jam
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My child has permission to participate in JAM and I agree that CCSA and JAM may use any audio, video or photographs taken of my child while participating in JAM classes or events (names will not be used). My child will attend JAM classes and exhibit good attitude and behaviors while in attendance and will practice regularly.
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For More Information
Contact Kevin Powell, JAM Program Director, call (276) 236-3500 or email jam@chestnutcreekarts.org
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