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Welcome back to a new school year! AEA Media Services would like to provide visuals to your building to serve as a reminder and to create an ease with access to the Keystone AEA Digital Resources for teachers and students. Enclosed are samples of our marketing materials (poster, bookmark, and stickie business card) to be printed and sent for your convenience. As the building contact person, please use this form to provide our team with accurate information regarding the count of AEA Digital Resource marketing materials for your building. Please expect to receive desired prints via van delivery a week or so after the form has been completed. (Stickie business card requests may take longer for delivery.) Please complete this form at your earliest convenience so we are able to print and send the accurate number of the printed materials requested. Thank you in advance.
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Each school building will be provided 5 posters. If your building site desires more than or less than please provide the desired number of posters.
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Digital Resource Poster with Building Login Credentials (SAMPLE)
Printed bookmarks are available at your request. Indicate the number of student bookmarks desired below. (See sample bookmark for more details.)
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Digital Resource Bookmark with Building Login Credentials (SAMPLE)
Printed business cards in stickie format are available by request. Each business card contains login details for all digital resources available, and personalized Follett eBook credentials. If your students (grades 3-12) and teachers frequently utilize Follett ebooks and they desire stickie business cards for all individuals please indicate below. *
**If marked YES to stickie business card request - please email a spreadsheet of teacher and student first and last names to This will be used to generate current Follett eBook patron access.
Digital Resource Stickie Business Card with Personalized Follett eBook Credentials (SAMPLE)
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