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Unit number, street, city and postal code. Is there a special buzzer number for your unit?
Parking Instructions
Please let us know where to park while visiting.
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Preferably a phone which can receive text messages.
Other owner contact methods?
List any other email addresses or phone numbers
Building / Strata Manager contact
Name and phone number if applicable
While You Are Away ...
How shall we contact you?
Phone number? Hotel? Email? It's great if you can let us know how to contact you while your out of town.
Designated Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact - Name *
Someone familiar with your home and pet. This is the person we will contact when things go sideways and we can't contact you. They may make decisions on your behalf.
Emergency Contact - Phone Number *
Preferably a phone which can receive text messages.
Pet Profile
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If you have more than one pet, list them all here.
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Month/year of most recent shots
Daily Visit Instructions - Feeding and/or Medications *
How much food? What kind? Where do we find the extra food? Where do we find a broom/dustpan?
Anything else we should know about your pets?
Any favourite hiding spots? Where is your pet carrier located?
Emergency Care Profile
This section describes who we will contact and what we will do if your pet needs urgent medical services.
We will make best efforts to contact you and your Designated Emergency Contact before proceeding.
Please consult your Client Contract for more details.
Preferred Clinic - Name and Address *
Name, Phone Number, Address. Leaving a credit card on file with your clinic is strongly recommended. If you don't have a preferred clinic, enter "none" and we'll use our best judgement.
Total Diagnosis And Treatment Limit *
Any maximum value specified in the Client Contract superceeds this value. We strongly recommend leaving a credit card number on file with your vet. We will make every effort to contact you or your designated Emergency Contact before proceeding.
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