Gluck OPA! Event Request 2020-21 (Form B)
Ensemble Leaders or Individual Program Leaders - please use this form to request OPA! fellowships for yourself and your ensemble members for an event you have planned or would like to plan, or be considered for.
Once you have completed this form, contact the Gluck office for approval - ONLY the Ensemble Leader needs to apply for the event!
OPA! fellowships are paid at the rate of $125 per Fellow per event.
Download the OPA! Fellow Handbook for more information on OPA! Fellowships.
If your event is accepted for an OPA!, all fellows / ensemble members will have further on boarding forms to receive an OPA! fellowship, if not yet filled in this year.

Leaders, register your Ensemble or Act using Form A - Gluck Fellows OPA! Registration. Once on the roster, the registration is good all year.
Email *
Ensemble Leader or Individual OPA Name *
Who's in charge of this request? ONLY the leader of the ensemble, or an individual 'act' fills this form
Ensemble Name / Name of 'Act' *
What is the name we will use to advertise your program/act?
Date, time, venue and purpose of event for which you would like an OPA! *
e.g. 1/1/21, 7pm, Stagecoach Inn - Get Out the Vote! rally
Notes for scheduling *
What do we need to know about this event to help with scheduling? Tables? IT Media?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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