COVID-19 Pandemic History Project
Just as we are interested in the daily lives of our ancestors, we believe that our descendants will want to know how this pandemic impacted our lives. In an attempt to capture the effects of the current pandemic, the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society is canvassing members of our County to request stories about this pandemic and its effect on your life. Please complete the following and share as much as you would like.
How did you first hear about the virus and what was your initial reaction? Did your opinion change as time went on?
What was your daily routine while staying at home (special projects, obtaining groceries/needed items, connecting with family/friends, etc.)?
If you have young children at home, how did they react to the changes?
What did you miss the most while staying at home?
If employed, were you able to work from home? If you lost your job, how did you make ends meet?
Were you caring for a senior citizen at home or was a family member living in a senior facility during the pandemic? If so, how did you deal with this?
Were you infected with the virus? If so, share any experiences you would like with regards to your symptoms and your recovery.
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