NV Text Bank

Join us at any of the below times to mobilize your peers, receive New Voters Swag, and be featured on our website as a "New Voters Champion"! There will be a brief session at the beginning of the hour time-slot where you will be taught how to text bank. We can also sign off for service hours if needed.

Open to High School Students and Rising College Freshmen! We will be mobilizing all students who will be first time voters in the upcoming election (including the graduated class of 2020!! Bring your High School friends and text together to mobilize your class)

If you are unable to attend, please utilize this link to get your friends to sign up: https://www.new-voters.org/registration

You are required to sign up for one text bank slot and bring 4 other students in order to receive 5 vintage New Voters shirts and be designated a "New Voters High School Champion"

INSTRUCTIONS: Only one person from your group should sign up via this form, and 24 hours in advance of your time slot, you will receive an email from comms@new-voters.org with the Zoom link that you can forward to your friends
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