2019-20 Parent/Guardian Survey
1. Which school does your child attend? *
2. When you visit your child's school, is the staff friendly and helpful? *
3. Are the administrators easy to talk to? *
4. Are parents involved in planning, implementing, or evaluating school programs? *
5. My involvement in my child's education is valued at my school. *
6. This school sets high standards for academic performance for all students. *
7. My child's school is good about staying in touch with me. *
8. This school clearly communicates to students the consequences of breaking school rules. *
9. The school rewards good student choices and behaviors. *
10. I would recommend my child's school to other parents. *
11. If my child needs assistance with their classes, the school has interventions in place to help them.
Clear selection
12. SVUSD helps my student develop socially and emotionally.
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13. I would be interested in my student participating in afterschool programs like:
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