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Hello! Thanks for providing information on your Plants for Birds activities, we appreciate your diligence in collecting and reporting this to us.

More information on metrics, and a PDF with the question content, can be found here:

***A note on dates for metrics submission: If you enter data for multi-event programs or other programs covering a range of dates in one form submission, you are welcome to include as yet unreported program metrics for events that occurred prior to the period of July 1 to December 31, 2017. You may also enter program metrics for events occurring after December 31, 2017—but please enter those 2018 data in a separate form submission from events up till December 31, 2017, so that we can total accurate numbers up till the end of the year. Likewise, if you prefer to submit summary data with start and end dates that correspond to a different fiscal year or other schedule, you may do so—but please break up or "chunk" the data in such a way that we may total metrics for the time period up till December 31, 2017.

Your input is crucial to help us understand the impact of the program. Thank you! Please contact John Rowden at if you have questions about this form.

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