Delta Epsilon Psi: Alpha Alpha Chapter Spring 2020 Informational
Mission Statement
We the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi vow to be a fraternity whose primary purpose is to instill Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment within its members through various social and service driven endeavors.
National Founding
Founded on October 1, 1998 at the University of Texas at Austin, our Eighteen Founding Fathers of Delta Epsilon Psi were driven to strengthen the South Asian presence on their campus. Driven by the three pillars of our fraternity, Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment, these eighteen men created an organization that would impact thousands.
Local Founding
Here at the University of Georgia, 17 young men decided to create the Alpha Alpha Colony of Delta Epsilon Psi on April 18, 2010. Four years later on August 9, 2014, we gained chapter status and ever since, we have been known as the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi.
Facts About Us
Colors: Navy Blue and Silver

Mascot: Asiatic Lion

Motto: In Brotherhood Lies Our Strength

National Founding: October 1st, 1998

Alpha Alpha Founding: April 18th, 2010

Number of Brothers at UGA: 126

Pillars: Brotherhood | Discipline | Commitment
Delta Epsilon Psi puts pride in its strength of brotherhood. Brothers are best friends, groomsmen for each other, and godfathers to one another’s children. To build this life long bond, we have countless brotherhood events such as a Cabin Trip to Gatlinburg, TN. Along with this event we have also gone to Hawks Games, Kayaking, Paintballing, Lock-ins, and Concerts. However, these are not the only times that brothers hang out with each other; brothers spend time with each other every day.
Delta Epsilon Psi is an organization of disciplined individuals who strive to be successful. We boast one of the highest GPAs out of any organization on campus. This is because brothers are able to utilize a wide variety of resources that help them stay on track academically. Resources such as guidance and tutoring from older brothers will help you in the classroom, when searching for jobs and internships, and applying to graduate school. Alumni who have worked in their respective industries will provide invaluable recommendations and connections when searching for a job or preparing for an interview.
Delta Epsilon Psi is committed to serving and supporting the community. We remain the #1 Multicultural organization in terms of Philanthropy and Service. We have raised more for our philanthropy than any other organization in the Multicultural Greek Council for 6 years running. The Alpha Alpha Chapter has held the world record for the most donors registered in a 24-hour period for the National Bone Marrow Registry. We hold bone marrow drives on a semi-annual basis. Our main focus is donating to and raising awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, an organization geared towards combating Type 1 diabetes. Additionally, every year we have a flag football tournament called Sugar Free Bowl in which our donation to JDRF has constantly increased year by year. We also have an event called Trimming Diabetes, in which brothers volunteer to get their heads shaved to raise money and spread awareness for JDRF. Throughout our 8 years, our chapter has raised over $35,000 for the JDRF.
We hold a variety of social events throughout the year. Some of our most well-known events include the Blacklight House Party and Blue Reign in the fall, and Fire and Ice in the spring along with semi-annual pool parties. Aside from these events, we host other major events. One of our biggest events is the Official India Night After Party, which attracts thousands of people every year to Athens. Dance teams and students from schools across the country attend our party making it the biggest and best party in the Southeast. Along with parties, we hold annual formal events and date nights. At the end of each semester, we also host a probate to reveal our new members, this being one of the biggest nights of the semester and unique to Delta Epsilon Psi.
Alumni Network
Our alumni network covers a vast number of graduate schools as well as fortune 500 companies. Below are some of the schools that our chapter’s alumni attend and companies that our alumni work for. Our alumni network not only covers these schools and companies listed, but also spans many more across the nation.

30 of 73 Alumni in Graduate School (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Law, etc)
• University of Georgia College of Pharmacy
• Mercer University School of Medicine
• Medical College of Georgia
• Dental College of Georgia
• University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry
• University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry
• University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine
• NOVA Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
• PCOM School of Pharmacy
• PCOM College of Osteopathic Medicine
• Howard University College of Dentistry
• Western University of Health Sciences
• University of Florida School of Law
• University of Tennessee School of Pharmacy

14 of 73 Alumni have graduated from graduate school and have gone on to be successful in the field.

26 of 73 Alumni work for fortune 500 companies

• Mckesson
• Microsoft
• Protiviti
• Accenture
• Apple
• Starwood Capital
• JP Morgan Chase
• Hanover
• General Dynamics
• Qualcomm
• Sears
• MetLife

2 of 51 Alumni own their own businesses such as Hotels and Restaurants

1 is an Officer of the Law in Gwinnett County
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