DC Special Education Co-op: Membership Application SY19-20
Co-op membership is open to charter LEAs in the District of Columbia. Members share our vision that all students with disabilities in the District of Columbia receive a rigorous, individualized, and inclusive education preparing them for post-secondary success.

The Co-op is implementing an auto-renewal process for membership! LEAs will be billed annually on July 1 and can opt out at the end of any membership year by informing the Co-op in writing prior to that date. There will be a 3% annual dues increase each year beginning in SY20-21.
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Membership add-on programs and services
This year the Co-op is offering discounted early bird rates for add-on services. Discounted rates apply to add-on services purchased by 6/30/2019. Services purchased on or after 7/1/2019 will be available on a first come, first served basis at higher rates. Read more about various training and coaching in our Catalogue of Supports - http://bit.ly/CoopCoS
Consultation, Coaching & Training - $95/hr
Members can buy consultation hours in bulk for specific short or long term projects. Some examples include: Co-teaching/UDL PD and coaching, FBA/BIP training and coaching, Program Review, Dedicated Aide PD and coaching, etc. Early bird rate is $95/hr. Regular rate (7/1/19 or later) is $125/hr. Minimum 30 hours.
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PD Sessions
Members can buy a-la-carte training on various topics including, but not limited to: The Science of Behavior, UDL 101, Co-Teaching 101, Understanding Autism. For a full list visit the Catalogue of Supports. Early bird rate is $500 for a 3-hour on-site PD. Regular rate (7/1/19 or later) is $750.
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CPI - Crisis Prevention Intervention Training
The Co-op is a certified CPI trainer and offers both Day 1 & Day 2 on-site at your LEA for up to 24 staff members. Day 1: Participants will learn verbal de-escalation techniques and personal safety strategies. This is an important tool for all teachers and staff to have in their toolbox. Day 2: Participants learn physical restraint techniques for students in crisis. The Co-op recommends Day 2 training for the LEA’s crisis team (prerequisite successful completion of Day 1). Early bird rate is $1000 per day/session. Regular rate (7/1/19 or later) is $1500 per day/session.
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FBA/BIP and Implementation Support
Co-op staff conducts a functional behavior assessment and creates a (positive) behavior intervention plan for one student. This service includes a team meeting to debrief the assessment and plan as well and up to 5 hours of implementation support for the team. Early bird rate is $1000. Regular rate (7/1/19 or later) is $1500.
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Point of Contact Email for Add-on services
Who should we contact to follow up on and plan add-on services?
I certify that all information herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also certify I am authorized to enter into this membership agreement on behalf of my LEA. I hereby apply for membership with the DC Special Education Cooperative (legally named the DC Public Charter School Cooperative, Inc.), and have read and understand the qualifications of membership and dues payment requirements. By signing below, I acknowledge that my LEA is in agreement with the vision and mission of the DC Special Education Cooperative. *
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