Glee Market Rummage & Craft Sale Participation Commitment Form
Please complete and submit this form by Saturday, May 25th to participate as a seller in the 3rd Annual Glee Market Rummage & Craft Sale at the Brandon Middle School. Families of Brio, Blitz, Bellas and Bom show choirs are invited to participate. After submitting this form, you will receive a copy of your responses and may edit them through May 25th. It's a fairly easy way to decrease your dues balance!
Email address *
Parent/Guardian/Participant Name: *
Your phone number: *
At Glee Market, your items remain with YOU, not in a big sale with everyone else's things. YOU will sell your items. Proceeds will be deposited in your student's dues account. Name of your student to be credited: *
Which group is the above named student in for the 2020 competition season (if the student is in more than one group, select one): *
Please indicate the amount of space you expect to need. Space is assigned on a first come basis. *
If you have more than one child in show choir, you may request an additional space of the same type you selected above. *
You must provide your own tables and chairs (for outside spaces), change, set up, operation, take down, removal of unsold items and clean-up of your space. Failure to leave your designated space in clean condition will result in a charge of $50 -$100 being added to your account. This charge will be used to offset the cost of removal of items and clean up of your area. Oversized and/or overweight items will incur additional fees. Please mark below indicating you understand. *
Would you be interested in donating some or all of your leftover items if we could arrange to have them picked up onsite following our rummage sale? *
I understand that all items offered must be legal to sale in Rankin County and must conform to RCSD "items on school property" rules. *
I understand that items donated for sale are not tax deductible. Donations of leftover items after the sale MAY be tax deductible. *
GETTING THE WORD OUT is a big part of insuring the success of the rummage sale. If you have connections with media, could help with printing or posting signage, have a group you could distribute flyers to, or have any other ways you could help with publicity, please share here:
Are you willing to help: *
Review the Glee Market Rules and Guidelines sheet carefully (available on under Fundraiser tab). These rules and guidelines are in place for the protection and safety of sellers and attendees. Failure to comply may result in loss of selling privileges. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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