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Every former pupil is considered part of the Alumni Group and we invite everyone who attended ISG to stay in touch and join the network!

By joining our Alumni community, you will have the opportunity to:

• Reconnect with ISG and your former classmates, see what they are up to, have access to our Alumni digital archive (class lists, yearbooks, photos and much more);
• Expand and improve your network, both professionally and just for the simple pleasure of it;
• Contribute time, expertise and in some cases financial resources to important initiatives;
• Stay updated on the events and annual reunions that will be organised for you.

Your news and views are important to us and we are always happy to hear from you and to help in any possible way. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take a minute and fill the following survey, so that we can stay in touch!
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Data Protection Statement
All personal information is held securely by The International School in Genoa and will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Directive 1995. Personal data provided by you may be used for a range of alumni activities including marketing, sending publications, offering benefits and services, organising reunions, fundraising and other legitimate purposes. By providing your data you consent to the ISG using your data for these purposes. If however you do not want your information to be used for one or any of these purposes, please write to Personal data will not be disclosed to external organisations.
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