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Tell me about yourself! Why are you interested in personal training? What goals would you like help accomplishing? *
Why are these goals important to you now? How will it impact your life if you don't achieve them? How will it impact your life if you do achieve them?
What will you like to have achieved 3 months from now? *
Do you have any injuries which will need consideration when building your program? *
Have you worked with a personal trainer before? How was your experience? What were some of your favorite exercises and methods of training?
What has kept you from adhering to a work-out routine in the past?
On a scale from 1-10, how committed are you to achieving your health & fitness goals?
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Tell me briefly about your eating, sleep habits, and stress levels; i.e., Do you have a consistent sleep/wake cycle? Do you sit down for a meal, or eat in a rush? How often do you consume processed foods and drinks? Do you practice any stress coping strategies?
Do you own or have access to exercise equipment? If so, what kind?
Questions or concerns about training?
Time Investment: What days and times of the week will you schedule aside for your routine? I currently offer 45-minute Live Zoom sessions and Customized Training programs via an app done independently. *
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